Paint With Me | Ink Painting Process

A close look at my ink painting process of the Mystic Camphor Tree.

Grab your drink of choice, get comfy and join me for a relaxing 10 minutes of drawing and painting.

About the artwork

Inspired by the over 3000 year old Giant Camphor Tree of Kawago (the 5th largest tree in Japan), this illustration was created using a dipping pen, fine brushes and various inks. As legend says, the shrine was built into the tree by a holy monk hundreds of years ago. Shinto shrines are created to honour and worship 'kami' (gods) and are also where they live. Fun fact - A Camphor tree is the same species of tree that Totoro (a character from the movie My Neighbor Totoro) lives in! "Totoro has animistic traits and has kami status according to his surroundings and being referred to as "mori no nushi," or "master of the forest". Totoro lives in a camphor tree in a Shinto shrine surrounded by a Shinto rope, these are all characteristics of a kami." - Hayao Miyazaki


This painting was made entirely using fine pigment, lightfast and archival Luquitex Acrylic Inks and a touch of gilding gold paint on cold pressed 300GSM, acid free watercolour paper.

"I enjoy painting and drawing in fine detail. I find it meditative and become hyper-focused, sometimes sitting for as long as 6 hours in a session."
This artwork took 20+ hours (spread over a few days) to complete.

Signed Art Prints

Full Colour or Line Work Art prints are available from sizes A6-A3 and are all printed and signed by the artist in studio (larger sizes can be arranged on request).

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I hope you enjoyed watching my process.

Thanks for reading!

Salma x


Hello! I'm Salma and welcome to my blog. I'm a Capetonian artist living in England with a love for tiny detail.

Professionally trained in Graphic Design, Photography and Illustration, my work has been featured in multiple publications.

Currently in love with painting  in coloured inks.

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