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"I find myself drawn to the interconnectedness of the universe, and my art reflects this fascination. Through my intricate and detailed illustrations of trees and natural landscapes, I explore the patterns in the billions of years of evolution that have existed in order for us to be what we are. Reflected in nature is our true nature. All of the answers to life we seek can be found by turning our focus from what subconsciously governs us to the conscious deep self. By listening more than we speak, by watching more than we act. By paying attention, really paying attention to the present moment can we truly start to understand what life means."

- Salma Price-Nell




Salma Price-Nell is a South African born artist currently based in the UK. She was immersed in art growing up in a creatively talented family and would often be drawing in class instead of taking notes. Fate lead her to pursue a career that was more 'stable' and 'secure' than being an artist and she professionally trained and worked as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer for many years. Her work has been featured in many publications and even on billboards. 

After immigrating to the UK in 2015, she underwent a total reframe and gained a new perspective being separated from her family and living in an unfamiliar and harsher environment. She focused her energies back into her love of art and gained a large following on Instagram. Her drawings have since been featured in multiple publications and she appeared in an interview on the French TV show L'essentiel Chez Labro and has most recently featured by the acclaimed contemporary art platform Colossal.

"Salma Price-Nell gravitates toward patterns, harnessing their aesthetic and metaphorical properties through ink drawings. Currently based in the U.K., the Cape Malay illustrator painstakingly renders wispy willow tendrils, gnarled trunks, and wide, sloping canopies with delicate linework.

She tells Colossal that her interest in natural motifs—and those found in trees, in particular—was born from mediation and a realization that everything is connected. “All matter is made from the same elements, and although every individual thing is a different composition of those substances, we are all results of a sequence of patterns that have formed and been refined over time, billions of years of time,” she shares. “These patterns have established our laws of physics and many invisible laws that we are bound to.”

Visit Colossal to read the full interview

Her work currently explores consciousness and the human condition.

In the hopes of inspiring consciousness in this virtual age, she explores the magic in the ordinary that gets overlooked, by really looking closely and in great detail, at this incredible natural physical world we take for granted. 



The Salsa Creative Studio Shop is an independent space where Salma can make her work available to the public. Here you will find a collection of prints and original artwork (when available).

Most of the original artworks are created using a range of inks, dipping pens and brushes. 

All prints and original pieces are created to the highest archival museum quality standards.

All original artworks are made and posted by the artist from her UK studio using the greatest attention to detail.

By purchasing from the shop you directly invest into Salma's work which will allow her to create independently and free of influence.


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