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The studio is run by Salma Price-Nell, a professionally trained Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Photographer. Her work has been featured in many publications from books to billboards.

Now favouring traditional media, Salma paints with professional fine pigment, UV and water resistant inks on archival cotton paper. Her paintings and illustrations favour organic shapes and pack in incredible amounts of detail. "I spend a lot of my time thinking about the interconnected nature of the universe and I aspire to one day contribute to the expansion of human consciousness by creating work that not only creates an opportunity for stillness and reflection but also work that provokes deep thought."

About The Shop

In The Salsa Creative Studio Shop is an independent space where Salma can make her work available to the public. Here you will find a collection of prints and original artwork (when available).

Most of the original artworks are created using a range of inks, dipping pens and brushes. 

All prints and original pieces are acid-free, lightfast and archival, meaning they will not discolour or fade for many years (if kept in good conditions such as out of direct sunlight and behind glass).

All signed prints and original artwork are made and posted by the artist from her UK studio using the greatest attention to detail.

We're always happy to help so if you have any questions simply email or use the chat box to the bottom right of the screen and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Artist Shop, buy directly from the artist



South African artist Salma Price-Nell is currently based in the UK. She grew up in Cape Town, in a family of creative people with different talents. They would often make things from scratch and be very resourceful with what they had. Growing up surrounded by creativity, she started drawing at the age of 3 and would draw on anything she could make marks on, including doors, walls and under tables (her favourite).

Salma has had a multidisciplinary career starting off as a Photographer documenting events for the likes of the The District Six Museum, The Goodman Gallery Cape and photographing portraits of musicians to then studying further to become a Graphic Designer where she would acquire clients like the Iziko National Gallery of South Africa, work on big brand installations for Samsung and Emirates, design billboard for radio stations and build new brands. 

After moving to the UK in 2015, she focused her energies back into her love of illustration and art and her drawings have since been featured in publications by Pinter and Martin London. She was featured and interviewed on the French TV show L'essentiel Chez Labro which aired on 27 September 2022(watch the clip here). 

Her work explores consciousness. She will endeavour to wake people from the dream that is becoming a nightmare, the unconsciousness being brought on by the virtual age, by exploring the magic in the ordinary that gets overlooked. By really looking, and looking closely and in great detail, at this incredible natural physical world we take for granted as we move further and further into the realm of the mind and impulse. She is currently imagining how the intangible parts of ourselves that are being forgotten can be represented visually so that they can take up space and hold importance once more.

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