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Artist Salma Price-Nell

Featured Artwork: Tree of Duality, 2023, Ink on paper 46x56cm

Inspired by my artwork ‘Sanctuary’, this artwork ‘The Tree of Duality’ was meant to be the enlarged version of that concept. It turned out, however, that it wanted to be something else. Over 100 hours of drawing time went into this artwork over 2 months and in this time there was a lot of time for ‘Mind’ to interfere with the spark of creation and the work of the deep self. It’s very interesting to see the difference between the 2 artworks. ‘Mind’s’ presence and influence is very clear to me in this artwork and my subconscious is here too, clinging on to the grounding of the physical.

The mind is like a porthole to other dimensions, other times and spaces. We can go from walking down the street to a moment in the past or imagined future in an instant. It’s fascinating that, when you give yourself to the work, how it manifests itself to represent more than you intended or cared to share. It’s like dreaming, where our subconscious communicates in symbols that don’t make literal sense, but by exploring the parts that stick with you when you wake up, the pieces start to form a picture that can give you a new understanding.

Tree of Duality Close Up
Tree of Duality Close Up
'Sanctuary' 2023
Ink on paper

I have a deep admiration for the timeless allure of aged objects with a rich history. While I cherish the simplicity of line work, I yearn to infuse my art with an added dimension of texture. Recently, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and explore new artistic avenues. Breaking away from the traditional black and white palette, I experimented with tinting and staining the paper, using Raw Umber and Sienna ink instead. Alongside this, I embraced a beautiful textured paper and a finer nib that allows me to create even more intricate details, bringing me immense satisfaction.

In this digital age, the ease of rendering and undoing in the virtual realm contrasts with my vision as an artist. I am drawn to ink because it grounds me in the tactile world of art, where mistakes become integral to the process.


My intention is not just to create something tangible, but also to immerse myself fully in the act of creation. In a world of instant and mass production, I find value in dedicating time and mindfulness to my craft. This drawing, in particular, symbolises the concept of consciously making space for oneself—a sanctuary for tranquility and introspection. This piece holds a special place in my heart as it represents a profound journey of self-discovery and appreciation for the beauty of the present moment.

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