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A Ghost Tour Of Camphor Avenue

This part meditative experience, part ghost tour was one of the exciting live performance events for the ICA Live Art Festival 2022, performed by Chanelle Adams.

About the project

“A Ghost Tour of Camphor Avenue” with Chanelle Adams a part meditative experience, part ghost tour was one of the exciting events for the ICA Live Art Festival 2022.

The Salsa was commissioned to create a map (folded from A3 to A6) and an A6 postcard for the event that the audience would use during the tour.

Part meditative experience, part ghost tour, Camphor Avenue: A Garden of Ghosts is a practice in noticing colonial continuums in botanical gardens and an experiment with face-to-face encounters with ghosts.

The illustration was drawn on paper using a dipping pen and ink. The lines and forms create an eerie ambiance to set the tone for this tour. Originally this was a routine Graphic Design request, but I offered my client illustration as there was no definite choice for the cover at the time and one of my specialities is drawing trees. I also really loved her work and the project and wanted the artwork to reflect the essence of the narrative.

To see more illustration visit the Illustration page.

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