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The Charmed Tree Original Ink Illustration

Detailed black Ink Illustration of a Rowan Tree on white paper
The Charmed Tree Original Ink Illustration: All artwork and photography credits belong to the artist Salma Price-Nell

'The Charmed Tree' Original Ink Illustration was inspired by the Rowan Tree (Sorbus aucuparia)

I always thought that there was something magical about a Rowan tree, so I stretched my fingers, took to the keyboard and went to learn more about them.

I discovered that they are, in fact, quite magical.

Also known as quickbeam, wicken or witchwood, no tree has more mystical and folkloric association than the rowan. In mythology the Rowan tree (also known as the tree of life in Celtic Mythology) is seen as the tree of protection, particularly protecting against witchcraft and enchantment. Planting a Rowan tree beside a home is said to protect its residents and keep evil spirits at bay. Its old Celtic name, 'fid na ndruad', means wizards' tree.

The wood was used for stirring milk to prevent the milk curdling, and as a pocket charm against rheumatism. It was also used to make divining rods.

We have 2 Rowan trees in our garden and I’ve always been fascinated by them. They change through the seasons from white blossoms in the Spring to beautiful dark green leaves and bright orangey-red berries in Autumn. I’m really happy to know that they have this meaning and are protecting us ☺️

I was going to name this artwork 'The Tree of Protection', but instead named it 'The Charmed Tree' because I want it to symbolise magic and the belief that trees may have spirits that operate beyond our understanding. That there are layers to existence besides physical matter that are at play all around us. To quote Arthur C. Clarke: “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.”