Brand Development

Sublime Tanning Studio

Sublime is a tanning studio which opened its doors in late 2015. 

Design Brief:

1. Logo Design

Develop a bright and fun looking brand that is warm and inviting. Blue, yellow and brown colour palette.

2. Flyer Design

Create a flyer campaign to introduce the new tanning studio, Sublime, to the public. It needs to inform potential clients and draw them in to the studio.


Creative Solution:

1. Logo Design

Beach iconography was used for a pleasant association between tanning and happy summer beach days. A hand drawn script font was developed to give the brand a smooth, free and flowing feel to promote a sense of ease when engaging with the brand.

2. Flyer Design

We created a fun and bright A5 flyer highlighting Sublime being open for business. As an extra draw in we suggested a discount be added so that people will be inclined to keep the flyer and come to the studio and present their flyer. This also helped in showing the effectiveness of the flyer. 

Magazine Ad

Design Brief:

Develop a magazine ad which highlights Sublime's healthy approach to tanning. Feature Sublime's exclusive Hempz products.


Creative Solution:

We used an image of the tanning studio's reception area at the bottom of the ad to add detail and interest. We extended the wall colour as the main background colour so that the warm yellow stands out against the coolness of the blue.

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