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Logo Design

Illustrated Poster

Linkside Primary Helicopter Hole in One Raffle

Linkside Primary required a poster and flyers to promote their Helicopter Hole in One Raffle.


Logo Design
Illustrated Raffle Poster Mock up

Design Brief:

Design an eye catching poster and flyers to intrigue people to buy balls for the raffle.

Try to incorporate the idea of looking up through the hole.


Creative Solution:

Illustration seemed best suited to this brief as the imagery isn't easy to acquire through stock photography and wouldn't look as eyecatching as a photomontage. Everything (besides most of the text) was illustrated from scratch. Earthy tones and hand drawn looking fonts were chosen to convey a warm and friendly feel.

Client Review:

“Not being a creative person, and having been tasked with job of getting a poster for a charity drive, I found using The Salsa an absolute pleasure. My vague non creative description was well interpreted and augmented with the end result been a fantastic poster which was in fact a piece of art. The Salsa combined the trending fonts and style with the correct intent of the poster to have maximum effect at the targeted audience.” 

-Bruce Jefferies 

Illustrated Raffle Poster
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