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Title: 'Knowing'

Medium: Lightfast Pigmented Professional Acrylic Ink on Archival 300gsm, Hahnemuhle 'The Collection' Watercolour Paper.

Artwork is created to archival standards.

Size: 19cm x 28.5cm / 7.48inches x 11.22inches

Sold Unframed.



'Knowing' is the second artwork in the new and growing collection ‘After Rain’, inspired by the transformative effect of rain on the natural world and its metaphorical and metaphysical interpretations. This artwork reflects on the innate 'knowing' we all experience at some points in our lives. It's not the same as simply knowing a fact, it's an unwavering clarity that becomes a sensation through the body where every cell is certain.


Sometimes it's subtle and it hits you and for a moment you know, but the nature of the mind is to question and look for faults which makes the way less clear. The more we follow the mind, the further from true knowing we go. The more we come back to ourselves and our centre the clearer the way becomes.

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