Iziko Museums of South Africa

Objects, Cultures and Stories in Museums

Laura Kate Gibson

A collection of research publications based on the objects, cultures and stories in the museums of South Africa and how they are viewed by the present day people in the communities these artefacts and stories came from.

Tata Madiba Educational Resource Poster Close-up

About the project

Objects, Cultures and Stories in Museums is a collection of 3 booklets developed from 3 workshops run by Laura Kate Gibson in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. She explores various museum artefacts, collected long ago by people who didn't seem to delve too deeply into the culture from whence it came. She seeks to go to the communities where these objects may have originated from to get information first hand on what they may have been or are still being used for.

I enjoyed working on these booklets and learnt quite a bit doing so!

Tata Madiba Educational Resource Poster Close-up
Tata Madiba Educational Resource Poster Close-up
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Photography: Eten ZA/NL
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