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Retrospective Exhibition Worksheet

Lionel Davis

A 16 page worksheet for the Lionel Davis 'Gathering Strands' exhibition.

There's Something I Must Tell You Iziko Educational Resource
About The Exhibition

This international retrospective exhibition is curated by The District Six museum in Cape Town and was first exhibited at the Iziko South African National Gallery and will be travelling to Graham’s Town and then Cuba. 

About Lionel Davis

Davis is best known for his complex linocut prints that narrate experiences of his youth in District Six and his incarceration on Robben Island.

"A former political prisoner and long-time cultural activist, Lionel Davis’ name features prominently in the history of the Community Arts Project, Vakalisa Art Associates, Thupelo Workshop and Greatmore Artists Studios. Drawing, painting, and printing, and often combining these media, Davis works in visual modes that range from the realist to the abstract. His themes include everyday scenes as well as reflections on black and African identity."

Quoted from Asai

About the Design

I thoroughly enjoyed designing this exhibition worksheet for ‘Gathering Strands’ a retrospective exhibition of the work of amazing artist, anti-apartheid activist, political prisoner and educator - Lionel Davis. This worksheet is printed double sided on a single sheet of A2 paper. A straight line is cut down the middle to create a foldable 16 page booklet that can also stand on its own.

Press play to see the full worksheet and how it works.

Page 2 and 3​

Page 4 and 5​

Thanks for reading!


For more information about the artist and exhibition here are a few quick links:

Gathering Strands Facebook Page

Iziko South African National Gallery Statement

Asai Article

District Six Museum

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