Logo Winner Design

Logo Winner Design Showcase

In June 2016 I held a competition where the winner would receive a free Logo design. Michael Dedricks of MJD Projects was the lucky winner!

Today I'm showcasing the brand identity and giving you a little info about MJD.

About MJD

MJD Projects is a multi-service company providing services like project management, construction, carpentry, painting and electrical services.

About the Design

I wanted to keep a clean versatile look for MJD because of all the services they offer. The brand needed to be simple and easy to reproduce onto different materials, not just print and digital, because a company like this would require things like uniforms, stickers and possibly branding on tools or storage items so a stamp-like symbol containing their letters would work best in the long term.


I went with a vintage influence on the layout of the accompanying elements because of the size of the company. To compete with the leading service providers, MJD had to have a different appeal and having a vintage influence brings it home to a more personable feel. The idea that you aren't getting anyone who's on hand for a callout, but a more personal - attention to detail service.

Let me know what you think of MJD's new logo in the comments section below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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