Urban Dictionary by Trevor Wheatly and Jake Sherman

When I came across this collaborative photo series of large scale typographic sculpture installations by Trevor Wheatley and Jake Sherman I was inspired to repost it as a start to what will hopefully be a regular feature on The Salsa's blog - Inspiring creatives/projects.

Have a look at some of their adventurous typographic installations (with some contextual behind the scenes shots).

"Expect the unexpected is the motto of urban artist Trevor Wheatley. After all, all that is needed to break the rules of contemporary art scene is a tool kit, some cans of paint and a company of three to share and create typographic sculptures unlike any others. Words embedded into nature's desktop, large scale installations shouting with carefully crafted letterforms, the art of Toronto-based Wheatley is out of this world and into the woods. A man of the city ready to explore the unforeseen, Trevor “or Treverferever as he’s amicably called by admirers who sigh at the drop of his handle” is best known for his sculptural text pieces which he produces, places in 'offbeat' locations and photo shoots in an attempt to bring urban slang out of it's smogy context." - Typorn

Let us know if you enjoy seeing posts like this, or what you'd prefer to see or find out more about?



#typography #text #font #realistictypography #typographicsculptures

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