Illustrated Poster: Helicopter Hole In One

Illustrated Poster: Helicopter Hole in One

I don't know why it never occurred to me to use my illustration skills more heavily in my design work. The possibilities of illustration are nearly limitless. Anything you can imagine can be captured in a drawing and every person who draws it will create it differently.

So I decided to illustrate a poster for this raffle. I don't think I've ever seen a more exciting raffle idea - sounds like a fun time!

Design Brief:

Design an eye catching poster and flyers to catch attention and intrigues interest to the raffle.

Try to incorporate the idea of looking up through the hole.

Creative Solution:

Illustration seemed best suited to this brief as the imagery isn't easy to acquire through stock photography and wouldn't look as eyecatching as a photomontage. Everything (besides most of the body text) was illustrated from scratch. Earthy tones and hand drawn looking fonts were chosen to convey a warm and friendly feel.

#illustration #golf #raffle #poster #wormseyeview #lookingup #helicopter #hole


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