Magnus Mouse Episode 6 Giclée Art Print

Magnus Mouse Episode 6 Giclée Art Print


Magnus Mouse Episode 6 Giclée Art Print

The Tail of Magnus Mouse is an illustrated story of Magnus Mouse's fall from glory and how he deals with starting a new life and later the adventures that take place in this post apocalyptic world where domestic animals have evolved and mice are at the top of the food chain. The story unfolds organically with the artist's own real-life experiences and emotions influencing each frame in real time.

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Print Information

Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper is between a gloss and matte finish, providing you with highly saturated look and maximum ink coverage. Giclée quality photographic luster print, high saturation and fingerprint resistant.


•Museum Quality Art Prints
•0.25 mm thick (250gsm approx.)
• Slightly glossy Luster photo paper
• Fingerprint resistant
• Every print ships ready to frame
• Frame is not included
• Paper sourced from Japan


This print is available in multiple size options (looking for anything special? Please contact me via the contact page and I will make do my best to accommodate your request!

  • Size Conversion

    10 X 10 inches = 25.4cm X 25.4cm

    12 X 12 inches = 30.48cm X 30.48cm

    14 X 14 inches = 35.56cm X 35.56cm

    16 X 16 inches = 40.64cm X 40.64cm

    18 X 18 inches = 45.72cm X 45.72cm