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'Sanctuary' Original Artwork

'Sanctuary' Original Artwork



This is an original artwork

Title: 'Sanctuary'

Medium: Ink on Paper

Size: 14x19cm (approx)



I love the look of things that have been around for a long time, things that have aged and have history. I love the simple suggestive nature of line work but wanted to add another dimension of texture. Here I have tried something different, moving away from the stark black and white by tinting/staining the paper and using Raw Umber ink and drawing with Sienna ink instead of black. Also using a beautiful new textured paper which I love and a new nib which can make even finer details which is so satisfying.


In this digital era, it’s really easy to render what already exists or to create lines and undo, adjust, copy and paste. I use ink because I want to create artwork that goes against the digital practice and leans into the tactile and the world of mistakes you can’t take back. Not only to create something I can feel but to be forced to be fully present. To be challenged to treat something as precious, sacred even. When everything is instant and mass produced nothing means anything, there is no value - only consumption (destruction). It leaves no room to be mindful or have patience or space to just breathe. Our lives are becoming unbalanced because the room for boredom and time to do nothing has been replaced and even rejected as something negative. Workaholism and busyness giving a false sense of worthiness slowly driving people to need to rely on medication to balance them out not realising that relying on medicine is like leaning on a crutch that cuts into you. A crutch that you will inevitably need another crutch for. And on… and on…


So this drawing I suppose is symbolic of the idea of consciously creating space for yourself. I personally need an actual space to be alone a lot of the time, which is something that took me a long time to realise and not feel guilty or bad about. I imagined a tree that would be the perfect peaceful sanctuary and this is it. This artwork is close to my heart and is hard to make available for purchase, but we must let go of the old to make space for the new. 


Artwork is sold unframed and comes with a stamped and signed certificate of authenticity for provenance. Shipped flat and securely packaged in the artist's signature dried flowers and gold seal on natural paper wrapping. 



Bespoke framing can be arranged and is highly recommended. If you would like your artwork professionally framed before it is shipped to you, please email after purchase with your order number (framing costs will be quoted and charged separately - price range roughly between £90-£200 depending on the selection of materials). You will work with the artist directly to design a professionally hand-made bespoke frame together to suit your taste. Alternatively you could add your framer's address as the delivery address.



  • Please allow up to one week for original artwork to be dispatched as the artist's packaging is a craft in itself and is made to order. Framing will add 1-2 weeks to the dispatch time. If there are any delays you will be notified immediately.

    Originals are delivered by courier. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be delivered in cases where there are delays. Your order will be tracked so you will have peace of mind knowing where your artwork is throughout its journey. If you have any questions or would like assistance please contact 


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