Landscape Painting Art Print

Landscape Painting Art Print

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This is an art print of an ink painting of an imagined English Countryside inspired by the beautiful hills of the South Downs.
Painting with ink is different to any other medium as it dries fast and is permanent leaving little to no room for mistakes. All the white or light areas in the image are that of the paper. I had to very carefully think out and plan my layers as once they are on, there were no take backs.
If you zoom in to the close up image of the tree trunk you will see the meticulous detail that went into this painting.
When mixing colours for inks one sometimes has to use their mind's eye to calculate and predict the colour as the wet ink doesn't look the same as dried. This means I do colour testing and swatches to get the perfects tones and shades I need.

At the time I painted this, my husband and I were going on many hikes along the South Downs. He once took me on a 32km hike without telling me how far we were going! But we made it and it was a wonderful experience. I have always loved the views out of the train window when we were headed to and from our hiking trails. I would sketch them on our train journeys.
In this image I tried to capture all of the things I found most captivating about the views. The luscious greens, the layers on layers of hills. The patches of villages in the distance, the mighty trees that stand out among the fields and the beautiful light that shines through the patches of fluffy clouds and gets dappled by the leaves. And even the light that gets caught at the edges of the leaves that seem to glow. A scene like this always gives me a feeling of peace and serenity. I could stare for hours...

Printed onto beautiful archival, acid-free, 230gsm fine art matte paper using ChromaLife100+ inks ensuring long-lasting print quality with high definition and brilliant colour.
Each print is made in studio and signed by me, the artist. I then specially wrap and package your artwork.

• Mini prints are wrapped in a glassine paper (water resistant) bag. Glassine paper is 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable – and it starts from 100% sustainably managed forests. It is then packed in a sturdy cardboard envelope.
• A4 prints are placed with a hard board backing into a cellophane bag. Cellophane differs from plastic as it is made from natural sources such as wood while plastic is made from oil and although it can't be recycled, it is biodegradable! Please reuse if possible.
• A3 prints are wrapped in glassine paper and packed in tubes which have plastic caps. The plastic caps are the only plastic I use in my packaging. These could be quite handy for many purposes, so reuse is strongly encouraged. (Ideas for reuse are drawer organisers for earrings, paperclips, drawing pins or any small items. Could also make a good mini paint palette.).
I always try to add a special touch to my packaging to make the experience more enjoyable and to hopefully bring a smile to my customer's faces.



    A6 = 10.5x15cm = 4.1 x 5.8 inches (mini print)

    A5 = 15x21cm = 5.8 x 8.3 inches

    A4 = 21x30cm = 8.3 x 11.7 inches

    A3 = 30x42cm = 11.7 x 16.5 inches