Croydon High Street

I spent the day drawing this while at a coffee shop near the Croydon Flyover on the High Street. What I love about Croydon, is that there is so much crossover with old and new architecture and having been raised in South Africa (where buildings are seldomly more than 100 years old) it's such a fascinating thing to see such a variety of eras displayed in one town. At street level, most buildings are fairly modern, but when looking up, there is such a contrast of style and design. Each building carrying it's own unique identity and story.

Signed print upon request - send me an email with your order number to request a signature on your print to let me know where you'd like the signature and if you'd like a note along with it.

Printed to order on archival fine art cotton paper.

Croydon High Street: A4-A3 Art Print

  • Printed on 280gsm, 100% Cotton, Acid Free Fine Art Conservation Paper, signed, unframed.

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