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Art out of the Unusual

Doodles? Really?

Today we look at the work of Stephen Lund. "What's so interesting about crude drawings over a map?" you may ask. What makes it awesome is that these drawings weren't created with a computer, or with hands... Technically you could say they were created by legs.

Ok ok - not legs flailing around wielding a mouse or painting, but by cycling. Stephen Lund is a cyclist who started getting a bit bored of doing the same routes again and again. He wasn't ever motivated to push himself over 10 000km a season. He was inspired by the shapes the routes on his GPS tracker made and thought "there's something in this". He then set out to cycle "Happy 2015" and it was all downhill from there...

His new concept may have snowballed him into fame, but there was a lot of uphill struggle too - literally! He's climbed the elevation equivalent to Mount Everest 17 times and has ridden over 20 000km in one year creating these doodles.

To give you an idea of scale, the above giraffe stands about 11km tall.

Did I mention he draws them upside down?

It just shows that even though you may not consider yourself an artist or a creative, you could create really impressive, interesting and super creative work. Don't put limits on your own capabilities!

Watch Stephen Lund's Ted talk to hear his entire doodle story.

See more doodles on his blog gpsdoodles.com

If a cyclist can use cycling and GPS to create art, I'm sure there's a way you could use your everyday practices to express yourself creatively.

So we'd like to ask... Do you or have you ever made art out of the unusual?

Maybe you arrange the food on your plate into pictures. Maybe you make weird sculptures out of rocks/sticks on your hikes to perplex passers by. Maybe you've fashioned something out of toilet paper? Yes, I've done all the above. I made a functional ashtray out of wet toilet paper when I was a teenager, that sure tells you something about me, doesn't it?

Let us know how and what you create (Macaroni art counts too ;) ).

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