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Get Grounded

Mobile Meditation

Guided personalised one on one meditation service providing meditation and other guidance stemming from or based on Metaphysics.“The purpose is to help beginners and more advanced people that are interested in meditation but don’t know how, how to do it.”

Logo Design
Corporate Stationary

· Main Colour Scheme: Indigo or a night sky feel

· Writing style: Brush Stroke style 

· Background Image for FB: Night sky perhaps with some contrast and stars etc.


Creative Solution:

My interpretation of Get Grounded is that it’s all about connectivity and nature in the sense of ‘the natural’, working with what you have (your mind and energy) to influence your mental and physical wellbeing. This is why the script/brush stroke font works well. The letters are organic and natural in shape and are interconnected and for this reason I also connected both words to flow into one another as one. I hand drew the lettering to achieve this effect and based the font style on the one suggested (Northern Lights).

Logo Design
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